Are your genes and environment making you depressed?

America is a depressed country. As of 2016, 16 % of Americans were taking antidepressants or other psychiatric drugs.  Much of this is prescribed to compensate for a perceived neurotransmitter imbalance in two of our important brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. Yet little effort is actually directed to understanding why these chemicals may be out […]

Can Sunlight Help Lower Blood Pressure?

There is now a new natural weapon to combat against the growing population of high blood pressure sufferers. Now this new weapon is as close as your backyard. What I am talking about is good old sunlight. Blood pressure levels are commonly higher during winter months. The question you may ask is what is the […]

Michael Phelps Does Cupping, Should You?

The Rio Olympics brought some curious attention to an ancient practice that started on the other side of the globe when Michael Phelps stood on the swimming podium and showed off his new temporary tattoos, er, cup marks. Helped him win some more gold, too.  So what is cupping and how can it help you? […]

Difficult losing fat? This may be the cause.

At Functional Health and Acupuncture Institute in Cherry Hill, NJ we help people with chronic health issues identify the root causes of their conditions using traditional tools of Chinese Medicine and modern principles of Functional Medicine. One factor that often complicates chronic illness is the rising rates of obesity we see in society.  Despite people’s efforts […]

Vitamin Deficiency Linked To Stroke And Plaque Buildup

At Functional Health and Acupuncture Institute in Cherry Hill, NJ, part of our mission is to educate people about health and nutrition to let them take control of their own health destiny.  Today I want to talk about the link between certain vitamins and cardiovascular disease. Did you know that your nutrient status may have […]